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In Durham City, effective biohazardous waste management is not just a necessity but a responsibility towards public health and environmental safety. Cobra offers comprehensive services designed to address various biohazard cleanup tasks with precision and care, ensuring the removal and disposal of hazardous materials while safeguarding the well-being of individuals and communities.



Crime scenes present complex challenges requiring specialised expertise and attention to detail. Cobra's crime scene cleaning services in Durham City include the thorough cleanup and decontamination of areas affected by blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazards. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies and forensic experts, we ensure that crime scenes are thoroughly restored to a safe and sanitary condition, enabling proper investigation.
Blue and white police caution tape saying "police line do not cross"



Trauma scenes, whether from accidents, suicides, or violent crimes, require prompt and thorough cleaning to address biohazardous materials and restore affected spaces. Cobra's trauma scene cleaning experts in Durham City sanitise and decontaminate areas with discretion and sensitivity.
Pools of blood on a wooden floor



From soiled fabrics to biohazardous materials, contaminated items demand careful handling and disposal to prevent the spread of pathogens. Cobra's professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge and protective gear to safely remove and dispose of such items in Durham City. Adhering to regulatory standards and best practices, we swiftly eliminate sources of contamination, contributing to clean and healthy environments for all residents.
Black and white cells under a microscope



Effective bodily fluids cleaning requires both technical expertise and empathy for those affected. Cobra's compassionate team employs specialised techniques and disinfection protocols to thoroughly clean and sanitise areas impacted by biohazardous spills, accidents, or crime scenes. By promptly managing bodily fluids, we mitigate health risks and restore peace of mind to individuals facing challenging circumstances in Durham City.
Pink body cells under a microscope



Protect your property in Durham from the damaging effects of odours and black mould with Cobra Extreme Cleaning's specialised services. Our team is dedicated to preserving the health and integrity of Durham's diverse range of properties, from historic landmarks to modern developments. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment to identify the root causes of odours and mould growth, then implement targeted strategies to address them effectively. Using advanced equipment and environmentally friendly products, we restore cleanliness and freshness to your indoor environment. With Cobra Extreme Cleaning, Durham remains a vibrant and thriving region for all to enjoy.
Black mould on a windowsill



Sharps, including needles and syringes, pose significant risks when improperly handled or disposed of. Cobra's specialised sharps sweep service provides careful scanning and removal of these hazardous items from diverse environments within Durham City. Through advanced equipment and techniques, we swiftly eliminate sharps, minimising the potential for accidental injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens in public spaces, medical facilities, and private properties. The presence of hypodermic needles in public areas and abandoned properties in Durham City presents serious health hazards. Cobra's trained professionals conduct thorough needle picking operations and safely remove discarded needles. Through proactive intervention, we mitigate the risks associated with needle pollution, prioritising the safety of the community and the environment.
Sharp objects stuck in a wall

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Cobra provides comprehensive extreme cleaning services in Durham, offering specialised solutions tailored to challenging and hazardous environments. From hoarded items removal to drug den and squatter cleaning, and pre and post-builder cleaning, our services are planned to ensure thorough restoration and safety in various situations.



Our pre and post-builder cleaning services are indispensable for preparing sites for construction and creating a safe and clean environment for occupancy. Construction and renovation projects can often leave behind dust, debris, and potentially harmful substances in Durham which we are fully trained to dispose of, reducing risk to the environment and residents around the property. All waste generated during our extreme cleaning operations is disposed of in accordance with Environment Agency standards. Holding a waste carrier's license, Cobra adheres to strict waste disposal protocols.
Old building materials in a backgarden, including window frames, glass and wood



Properties being used as drug dens or occupied by squatters pose significant health and safety risks in Durham, including exposure to biohazards and structural damage. Cobra's extreme cleaning teams are adept at swiftly and effectively handling these situations, restoring sanitation and safety to the property. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies and property owners, we coordinate clearance operations while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Drug dens and squatter-occupied properties present unique risks, including exposure to hazardous materials and legal complexities. Our professionals undergo training to reduce these risks and ensure thorough cleanup and restoration in Durham. Upon clearing the property, we conduct comprehensive decontamination and restoration processes to eradicate traces of drug use and restore habitability in Durham.
Abandoned backyard with spraypainted walls



Hoarding disorder presents complex challenges in Durham, characterised by excessive accumulation leading to cluttered and unsanitary living conditions. Cobra's extreme cleaning teams approach hoarded item removal with empathy and sensitivity. Collaborating closely with clients, we devise customised solutions tailored to their specific needs and circumstances, ensuring the safe removal and disposal of hoarded items in Durham. Hoarding disorder extends beyond mere collecting; it entails difficulty discarding possessions, causing significant distress and impairment. Our trained professionals in Durham recognise the signs of hoarding disorder and understanding its impact on individuals and their living environments. Equipped with specialised equipment and techniques, we navigate cluttered spaces safely, minimising disruption and stress for individuals in Durham.
Largely cluttered house

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Whether it's vacant property clearance, tenancy clearance, or house clearance, our expert teams in Durham are dedicated to meeting diverse property clearance needs with efficiency and professionalism. Cobra provides comprehensive property clearance services, offering customised solutions for clean and safe properties.

Property clearance in Durham involves the careful and thorough cleanup of various types of properties, from residential homes to commercial spaces. Cobra's dedicated teams understand the importance of thorough clearance to ensure properties are clutter and debris free as well as ensuring there are no potential hazards lurking around.

With Cobra's property clearance services in Durham, clients can expect a systematic approach to clearing out unwanted items and debris. Our teams ensure every corner of the property is cleaned to a pristine condition, ready for occupancy or future use.



Cobra specialises in vacant property clearance, providing swift and efficient cleanup services to restore these spaces to their former glory. We understand that vacant properties in Durham can quickly become havens for pests, vandalism, and other issues if left uncleared which is why our service is ready and waiting for you when required. Cobra's teams in Durham are trained to handle vacant property clearance. From removing debris and unwanted items to addressing potential hazards, we ensure that properties are thoroughly cleaned and safe.
A vacant property with boarded up doors and windows with graffiti on the walls



Smooth transitions between tenants in Durham require thorough tenancy clearance to ensure properties are clean and ready for new occupants. Cobra offers professional tenancy clearance services, facilitating smooth transitions and leaving properties in a condition that landlords can be proud of. Our tenancy clearance services are designed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring satisfaction for both landlords and tenants.
Old electrical office equipment on the floor including speakers, a monitor and a desktop tower



House clearance in Durham involves clearing out clutter, unwanted items, and debris to create clean and organised living spaces. Cobra's expert teams specialise in house clearance, providing efficient and hassle-free solutions for homeowners. With Cobra's house clearance services in Durham, homeowners can reclaim their spaces and enjoy clutter-free environments.
Old cream 3 piece suite with a mattress and other household items next to it

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